#ZalandoSummerHouse part.1

20 June 13
All images by RoiRomay
A couple of weeks ago I landed in Berlin straight from Athens, to be reunited with the Zalando team. Last summer we celebrated a great day at The Apartment where we shot our little story, but this time Zalando had prepared a much bigger thing for us, a whole weekend in the German countryside at an amazing castle. Over 3 days we enjoyed each others company, had wonderful dinners and shot some looks like the one I just showed you yesterday and the previous days. Here’s a little sneak preview of what went down at the house and for our arrival in Berlin at Zalando’s HQ. Soon to come the rest of the images, so don’t miss out! I’m wearing Adolfo Dominguez coat, J Brand jeans with Zara jumper and Givenchy pandora bag via Runin2, my rings are VitaFede and Le Carre.

Hace un par de semanas aterrizaba en Berlin despues de estar en Atenas en el show de Marianna G, quien me regalo la preciosa pulsera de “evil eye” que llevo en esta foto. Aunque un poco cansada, tuve tiempo de pasarme por los HQ de Zalando antes de tomar rumbo a lo que seria nuestra casa durante el fin de semana, nada mas y nada menos que un increible castillo en pleno campo aleman ronde Zalando habia preparado un sin fin de sorpresas. Aqui os muestro los primeros momentos a mi llegada con abrigo Adolfo Dominguez, jeans de J Brand, top Zara, bolso pandora de Givenchy y anillos de Le Carre y Vita Fede. Muy pronto el resto de fotos en el maravilloso castillo aleman!
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