what i’ve been doing the past few days…

04 February 09


…painting my nails with the s/s09 Chanel LE VERNIS 483
…pintarme las unhas con Le Vernis 483 de Chanel s/s 09

…walking my darling in the white London( you cannot even imagine how much
snow we have now)
…pasearla por el blanco Londres(no os podeis imagir cuanta nieve tenemos)


BY THE WAY! thanks to Naomi Nevitt from TEEN VOGUE U.S.A for choosing
amlul.com as one of the 20th most influential fashion bloggers.You can read and see
who are the other bloggers HERE.

Gracias a Naomi Nevitt de TEEN VOGUE U.S.A por escoger amlul.com
como uno de los 20 blogs de moda mas influyentes.Podeis leer y ver el resto de bloggeras
que forman parte de la editorial AQUI.
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