the day has arrived

10 July 10

I guess I’ve been waiting all my life for this moment to arrive
( remember I’m only 24 and Jim died 15 years before I was even born).
The people who knows me well ,at this point, are more than bored with my Morrison obsession. All the posters around my flat. Those who often follow me on Twitter and see how constantly I mention his name, also know what I’m talking about!
Even all the times my neighbour complained about how loud “love her madly” was being played,or when I changed my surname to Courson(my style icon)…
So when the lovely Conor(Deasy) gave me such present by letting me know about this movie coming out, I almost passed out…Dreams come true!
When you’re Strange-the movie!!!
For those who still believe in Jim.For the others who still feel him close.
Directed by Tom Dicillo,and narrated by the amazing Johnny Deep,is a 2 for the price of 1 combo that no one should miss.
Enjoy.In cinemas worldwide.

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