Sydney’s photo Diary

27 August 10
credits: green Jacket by AKA new york, leggins StyleStalker. Black sequence dress-vintage,boots Beau Coops.Leather jacket Loewe,beige skirt AA.
During the past few days I’ve been meeting so many people!that I don’t think I could thank everyone cos I’ll probably forget someone,but I felt the need of sharing with all of you some snaps of the great people,and moments behind my trip so far. Last week I met the gorgeous Renee,an uber-cool Ksubi designer that just started her own jewelry project,Billy Bride, and I am already one of her biggest fans!!!Special mention to Bow,her pomeranian who cured my cuddle-cravings from Akiko… Also,I’ve been front-rowing at Rosemount Sydney’s Fashion fest, reporting for Frock Shop (if you wanna see what Aussie designers have been up to please feel free to check my live coverage and images here!!). Meantime,I’ve even had time to visit a million(almost) show-rooms! I got my hands on a pair of Beau Coops suede chelsea boots (my new shoe-love-affair label).I’ve been down Paddington for some fashion events,wearing some very cool pieces from Natalie Wood (SomethingElse) and Bec&Bridge. We have been totally rocking the hell out of Flinders(coolest bar in town b-e-l-i-e-v-e me!) where I’ve been hanging out and enjoying some “sexy carrots” time with the unbelievable Rachel aka stylestalker which I pretty much feel as my new sister! And of course the trouble maker Annabel…you need some of this girls I’m telling ya! Fashion week reports coming soon…Meanwhile i’ll be in New Zealand for a few days!!! :)
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