25 August 17

A blue paradise invites you to get lost on it´s white and and steep tiny streets. Mediterranean colors are the main characters of this small village in Catalonia, Spain. A must every summer!

It´s not a surprise, Cadaqués is one of my favourite places, as you have seen me around with friends or my boyfriend. One year more, I return back with John in order to find 24/7 peace and relax.

I have been sleeping, swimming, walking and having wonderful meals. Being here is amazing, even more with this super cool blue car. Love it! ;)

L´Empordá is a special area where many artists decided to settle into, falling in love with its landscapes, relaxed atmosphere and genuine essence…
Through my own wellness process, I have counted on my key product: Pantene Intensive conditioner 3 Minute Miracle.
We truly need to take care of our hair during summer days: Sun, salty water and swimming pool chlorine have harmful effects and it´s vital to have a product which can solve it.

I find beauty on simplicity, natural, neutral colors, special smell which transfer you to another place, another moment… In fact, every time I use the product in New York, I feel like I´m back in Cadaqués.
An outstanding feeling where I remember summer days…anything better to travel through your sense?

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