16 April 18

It seems spring has finally arrived. It’s the moment to get out and enjoy the good weather with your loved ones!

Gala González

As you know, I am a really big fan of sunglasses. Without any doubt it’s one of the accessories that adds more personality and style, having the power of giving a twist to a look in few seconds! I’m wearing Serpenteyes from Bulgari. I love the 70’s style with a disco touch. They are made with last generation and highest quality materials, which make them perfect to take along with me on my endless trips and adventures!

As you can see, I´m wearing a very 90´s look. I love to dress up as my teen ages: 24/7 jeans and classy T-shirt: The sophisticated touch is given by a very special bag: Serpenti Forever style, also from Bulgari.

I always advocate for quality besides quantity, and the need to bet for classic, timeless and iconic pieces which could last at your wardrobe forever. Pieces to inherit.

Bulgari always follows this mantra: Without losing an pinch of Italian savoir faire, continues loyal to its most iconic styles, reinventing them season after season.

I also would like to share with you images from last week event in LA, where I had the chance to attend as Brand Ambassador. An unforgettable night, where all of us celebrated new Maison´s fragance OMNIA PINK SAPPHIRE in an amazing location, The Goldstein Residence. A beautiful “pink” night where Bulgari jewels shined more than ever!

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