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10 February 11
It’s no secret i’ve been dying to go to Brazil for the past 4 years (at least)…due work, university projects and bad timing I’ve never managed to go..but finally all dreams come true..don’t they? When F*Hits invited me to spend a whole week in Sao Paulo I was full of excitement to discover this beautiful country and of course willing to discover Brazilian fashion..which i hardly knew. Well, this trip has changed a bit of me, a bit of my entire human being. I’m spanish even i’ve spent the last 8 years of my life in england and feeling this warmth was a total surprise..I knew brazilians are a hot country, but they are also generous, happy, giving, helpful, modern and a beautiful country too. During this time (I ended up extending my stay for a bit longer, as I literally fell in love with the country) F*Hits pampered us everyday with daily make up and manicures while we  had the oportunity to meet up and chat with Daniela Falcão, chief editor of Vogue Brasil, meet the amazing Constaza Pascolato (one of the most inspirational women on earth) at the head quarters of Fasanao( Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher were staying in the room below us..imagine the tension!!!).I also had time to shoot a campaign with my mate Hanneli who was there too, meet the talented and beautiful bloggers from Brazil like Mariah, Camille, gorgeous Renata, Bia and many more!…Also I bumped into my fellow international bloggers Yvan and BryanBoy at the Bienal where the fashion shows of SPFW like Iodice, Neon, Maria Bonita were held, and must say that the place is absolutely incredible. Super well organised, with chilling areas, press offices for each magazine, few runway rooms…So many fashion weeks should come and check it out because they should learn loads from SPFW! But one of the best bits of my whole trip was having a minder like Lorena, she has been like my bestie while i’ve been there. She truly has looked after me during my stay and has showed me the city. Obrigada!!!

In order of appearance  I’m wearing: rose print dress by Reiss with Balone brazalet. Reiss white jumper and Tigresse jumpsuit. Green shirt by Pelu with dress by Tigresse, glasses by Reiss 1971 and h&m headband. Alice + Olivia black dress with mesh by TopShop, all belts vintage ,sandals by River Island and bag by Corello. Brown Alaia sandals with cream knitted TopShop dress and vintage gold necklace from SanFrancisco.
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