Si by Armani

20 August 13



You’ve probably already seen 2 videos on my Instagram featuring Sì by Armani , and now it’s time to discover the whole mystery behind it. I chose to say to myself and to life, because loving yourself, feeling proud of the strong person you are as well as embracing life to the fullest and admiring all the details around you are what makes it a more beautiful place.
I’m pretty sure we all choose a scent in order to define who we are or in some cases who we would like to be, as a result when I discovered the new fragrance Sì by Armani, I found what I was looking for. With a simple and eternal shape,  Sì byArmani is presented in an all time classic, yet cool and sophisticated bottle that holds an intense rich smell, destined to become an everyday must sat on my dressing table. But apart from the sophisticated and elegant touch of Armani in a bottle,   and I have more in common than I could have ever imagined. We both crave the need of love, freedom, strength and elegance. We both recall what it is and what it seems to be balancing depth and lightness. Like me,  Sì  represents a free vision of the world and the courage to say Si to emphasise this, and for all these reasons I believe it’s a great moment to share such an amazing fragrance with the world.
Images by Roi Romay
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