NYC March-Diary part.1

09 April 12

 A little sneak preview of my recent trip to New York where we spent 10 days filming a tv show for Carolina Herrera (coming very very soon) and here are some snaps I took with my iPhone during my first helicopter ride, discovering an amazing new store (Reformation), meeting the Soho based artisit Curtis Love and enjoying hot dogs in Coney Island. (More pics to come!)

Un pequeño preview de las imagenes que tome con mi iPhone durante mi ultimo viaje a New York donde conoci al artista new yorkino Curtis Love, experimente mi primer viaje en helicoptero y descubri una tienda maravillosa (Reformation)… mientras filmamos durante 10 incansables dias el tv sho para Carolina Herrera. (Prometo mas imagenes del viaje muy pronto!)
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