Jeremy Scott womenswear
Jeremy Scott menswear
I can’t be more bothered of listening all day long this 2
words “NU-RAVE”.Apparently is what’s all about right now.
The only list names you are hearing everywhere is Jeremy Scott
with some french fries or fluorescent bright colours,and japs going in
and out from Kokon To Zai(Soho) buying anything full of mad shapes!
I loved it when it first came out,it was absolutely brilliant! Comming
back to the new 80 s shadows,where a gay-hetero crew could mix up with
eachother not even knowing who is who,and girls who look like boys and
boys who look like birds!Leggins,glitter and hoodedsweetshirts was
HOT,right now…is like the hot indie style that everyone was rocking
last summer(tight pants and ties).0Anyway i suppose we can’t move on
that soon,New Rave will be smashing the catwalks for a few more months,
meanwhile,i’m just waiting for the new-hot-thing!(I i’ve got something really
HOT in my hands!!!)
PS. I found some brilliant tacky jewellery shops in Berwick street,if you
are into new rave accesories you’ll find everything that you desired!