Manlul: Wish You Were Here!

16 April 16


The start of the year couldn’t have been more perfect: I took a trip to The Caribean with Tommy Hilfiger Eyewear!. As Bob Marley has been my favourite singer since I was a kid, (my father used to wake me up on a weekend playing his music really loud) I was super excited heading to the home of such a good artist. So me and some other bloggers took the long trip to Hilfiger Island to enjoy the most delightful experience ever!. The team was really cool and being in the Carebean in the middle on January felt really, really good. The think I liked the most about the Island was its nature. It was so green and wild, big mountains and the beautiful ocean! . We listening to music all day, enjoyed the amazing  beaches, drank coconut water and of course some cocktails! Im so lucky and thankful to had have this experience. I love getting to know new places and people. I mainly wore the brown shades  you see in the pictures but there’s also shades in another colors that I like a lot. See more at and get the chance to win a trip to the Island yourself!. 

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