Manlul 70: Yeah mon, no problem!

09 May 16


Yeah man, no problem! That’s what they say all the time on Hilfiger Island: just relax, have fun, chill out – no problem! This is the perfect summary of my days in the Caribbean with Tommy Hilfiger Eyewear. Here are some pictures of my experience in this warm and happy paradise. All-day dancing, laughing, and having fun! The shades I’m wearing helped make the scenery even more beautiful, especially the crystal waters. We had the opportunity to go to this amazing house in the top of a mountain and it was a real dream! The views were a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Purely Caribbean: palm trees and warm wind all the time! See more at and join the amazing contest by sending a personalized postcard to one of your friends! 

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