Look of the Day.83: PRIMAVERA SOUND 2010

03 June 10
shirt-TopShop Boutique
jeans-Cheap Monday
This are some of the snaps that David Gomez took of Miranda and I in the last edition
of Primavera Sound which took place in Barcelona a few days ago.
The beauty of this festival is to be able to dance in front of the Mediterranean sea and have
your friends enjoying the music with you,(The Pixies,XX,MajorLazer,Florence,Big Pink…and many more).I recomend it to anyone who hasn’t been there yet!!!
David’s work , apart from beautiful,is simply amazing! He draws peoples faces from pictures he takes of them.This is the result. You can see more of his work here.
this is the little cameo of us during Primavera Sound for Tendencias.tv
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