Look of the Day.33:coffee & magazines in central London

04 March 09


I met Pelayo for coffee at Carnaby Street‘s Starbucks…
Then we headed to Franks for some international fashion magazines..
And guess who was in  Heat magazine branded as a “hottie”??? :D

Pelayo y yo nos econtramos en el Starbucks de Carnaby Street..
Luego nos encaminamos hacia Franks,una tienda que vende prensa internacional
 de  moda…Y adivinar quien estaba esta semana en la revista 
britanica Heatbajo el titulo de “hottie” ???? :D


adorable Pelayo wears YSL mens purse


poncho worn as scarf-Zara
leather jacket-Zara
jeans-Silence Noise
bag-Miu Miu
shoes-Kurt Geiger

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