Look of the Day.151: Double Denim @ The Vatican

03 February 12
Today I’m gonna give you some tips on How to:  do Double Denim while sightseeing a city. When you know you’ll probably be walking for ages around Rome, all you can think of is comfy clothes. But comfy doesn’t mean boring, and we all love a bit of double denim now and then, like my Jesus jacket which i’m really keen on lately. I even wanted to wear it to the red carpet event, but might have been a bit way too forward for that! ha! Anyway, “add the touch with some cool accessories”( this is one of the phrases I repeat myself constantly), Good shoes and handbags make an outfit work! So I paired the whole denim look with a pair of GORGEOUS Linea U a/w 12-13 shoes, (for those who’ll go nuts on google , just so you know, they won’t hit stores till next august! But you can always store the picture and make sure you’ll get them on time!). To make sure I wasn’t gonna freeze, and that I didn’t have to carry an annoying coat all day around I put over my Miranda for Lydia jumper my furry Theory neck piece, and to add a bit of colour I mixed the whole look with my Marc Jacobs red leather handbag, RayBan meteor and I was ready to trot as long as I could! And guess what? I looooooved Rome!


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