Look of the day.146: Warm Fringes

17 January 12
Been in Milan for the past few days attending some wonderful shows. Must say I’ve been enjoying much more menswear than womenswear lately, as what I’ve seen so far has left me very excited. The weather has been a complete b**ch! I haven’t experienced such harsh freezing weather conditions in a long time, apart form that time where everyone (including me) got stranded in London with all the snow that blocked airports for days! It’s been very difficult managing to look cool and not to freeze at the same time, so between shows I’ve kept it warmly cool with my new pair of super warm and cozy Koolaburra fringie booties that I found in a very cool online boutique called Capricho that finds and brings the customers all the hollywood celeb picks of the season. An interesting way to find out who had what and also been able to get hold of it over here in Europe! I’m quite excited because Capricho will also have from february onwards one of my favourite brands Chaser and the well known WildFox and during my shopping spree I even got myself a gorgeous J.J Winters fringe leather bag, which I’ll be showing shortly! Just waiting for the opportunity to mix it with some cut out shorts as the weather isn’t very helpful for any of my boho-looks at the moment :( .   On the images taken near Porta Venezia here in Milan, I’m wearing a Zara poncho and jeans with RayBan METEOR sunnies and vintage furry hat.
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