Look of the Day.140: Creases and morning coffee

09 December 11
The last few days have been like dreaming with my eyes open. I love being back in London for way too many reasons, one of them is my dearest friends and everything that this city has to offer (for more info check my favorite spots in London in the guide I wrote for  AbsolutModeSociety).  I have travelled “quite a few” lately.. Seen so many places, cultures, landscapes and honestly, no place is like London. :) Anyway, going back to the main thing, with this cold weather all I wanted to do is curl up in bed watch dvd’s and I have been a bit annoyed that I have to wear all the time 120 denier tights, but we still get  one of those days were the sun shines and you can trot around the city with bare legs. I’m no particular fan of the so called “perfect look” as you might have seen, sporting perfectly ironed and clean cut tailored shirts, so making it a bit more me without looking like a tramp (which I still dig) I decided to stop ironing my cotton shirts for a more “casual and effortless” feeling and enjoying a crease here and there.
All the beautiful pictures taken by Noela Roibas at my home in Shoreditch, enjoying a morning coffee, wearing TopShop shirt,  Primark leather skirt and Swatch watch.
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