Look of the Day.131: Duomo the preppy

03 October 11
After a short but possible one of the most glamorous weekends i´ve had in a long time in Paris.. i´m back in Madrid. I had the pleasure to be shooting for Glamour magazine (which won´t be published until later on this year) while attending Loewe´s magnificent show in the capital of Love!!! I´d like to thank to all the Loewe team , for always making me feel part of the family and looking after me so well. Also thanks to Le Grand Hotel, for making me feel like a superstar in one of the most amazing hotel rooms ive ever stayed on.  tonight I´ll be attending the Cosmopolitan awards here in Madrid so I´ve got a busy afternoon choosing what and how to wear my outfit… but meanwhile I wanted to share some funny snaps of my time in Milan..trotting around the Duomo sporting the new “school-preppy” trend that everyone seems to be so fond of! My shirt is from german label LALA berlin , bag is the Sicily model from Dolce&Gabbana, skirt is Thyesken’s Theory and shoes are Aldo!
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