Look of the Day.100: the colours of a watermelon

09 December 10
pictures by Mar Peidro
I’m back in England, and I’m going totally nuts! My last day in Los Angeles was like a dream. I walked out the house with bare legs as the dry wind hit my face..it was like going back to summer… Yes,that one I haven’t had yet! I was missing my buddies in London, and couldn’t wait to tell them all that has been happening down in the West Coast. I had an amazing time. Travelling has to be the best thing in the world! I just wish I was getting paid to travel around the globe :) I’m missing Mar,Nilo and Miranda. They have been pretty special in my life during my time in California, and I couldn’t have been photographed by any other more talented couple than Nilo and Mar. Believe me..there’s huge talent coming out of Spain!!! I’m preparing the photo-diaries and cannot wait to show you my special moments here. 
I’m wearing a vintage skirt I got last saturday in a market down in Silverlake, blouse is from Urban Outfitters, the sandals are from a vintage store in EchoPark and the socks from Oysho.
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