Look of the Day.362: First denim Love

27 July 14

First Denim Love

We all certainly remember our very first denim love… Those jeans *or dungarees in my case that immediately take you back to your childhood because they lived the most intense yet probably first , experiences with you… Magical right? And it sucks growing up and having to give them away… but not forever because when you are old enough to find the perfect pair of jean of your won *without your moms advise, then it’s really when the fun begins and believe me that when you find the ones that fits.. they simply fit and they’ll be an essential part in your closet. Today I’m wearing one of those jeans that are always in a special place on Amlul’s closet and are by 7FAM in the perfect indigo blue. If you are a denim lover and you’d like to win 1000 EU worth of 7FAM denim simply share a picture of your childhood wearing some denim using the hashtag  #FirstDenimLove! Good luck and share the love!!

Todos recordamos nuestras primeras prendas en Denim, ya bien sea porque aquellos jeans con agujeros vivieron y crecieron con nosotros o porque odiabas aquel peto vaquero que tanto tu madre insistía que usaras al principio de los 90. La verdad es que el tiempo pasa y el denim sigue siendo una de las piezas fundamentales en nuestro armario, pero lo bueno es que ahora es nuestro turno de poder elegir el que queremos usar. Por eso una vez que encuentras tus vaqueros perfecto entran a formar parte de tu vida. Hoy llevo un modelo de 7For All Mankind y para celebrar este amor al denim quieren daros la oportunidad de poder ganar hasta 1000 EU en productos 7FAM! Para participar tan solo tenéis que subir una foto vuestra usando denim bajo el hashtag  #FirstDenimLove!!


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