Look of the Day.368: Los Lances

28 August 14


Life in Tarifa is possibly like living a surfers dream, white sandy beaches the perfect tan and endless sunshine. Located in the south of Spain, is a much cooler place to visit and is quite close to Cadiz and Malaga but three times nicer and underground where macro discos are nowhere to be seen. For a day out in Los Lances beach I wore a playsuit by MisssGuided with Dior sunnies.

La vida en Tarifa es todo un sueño, playas kilométricas de arena blanca, días completos de sol y mar y unos pinchos riquísimos! Durante mi estancia en la segunda semana de Agosto visite varias playas como yo os mostre en otro post, y en el del hoy (fotografiado en la playa de Los Lances) llevo un mono de MissGuided con gafas Dior.


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