Liens by Chaumet

25 July 14

Liens by Chaumet

There are only a few things that makes people see you in a specific way and those details are the ones that truly make you special. But only you are in charge of choosing which pieces will add the defining everyday touch, and that’s why when I chose myclothes and accessories I’m very careful, I know that in the future my family will inherit these pieces that have lived with me during my adventures, like my parents have done with me. Since discovering Liens by Chaumet I’ve realised it is a unique classic piece that could have easily been worn by my mom and her mom in past generations and it will stay in the family to be passed on mine too. This is a truly symbolic piece that’s arrived to stay for a long time ! Welcome to the family ;). I’m wearing top and trousers by Mango Premium, Zubi bag and Liens by Chaumet with diamonds in black leather.

080MANGO-00135 copia-2

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