Gala Gonzalez x Guerreiro

19 July 11

This year I’ve been spending loads of time in Brasil. One of the big reasons for this are work commitments. You might already know what I’ve been up to..but for those who still don’t follow my Twitter live, I wanted to share the latest job I did a few months ago and that is out now  here in Brasil.
Guerreiro is a jewelry brand who I discovered while I was here and it was truly love at first sight. When they asked me to be the face of their latest campaign I felt  very honored to do it as I love the boho spirit of the brand, and Guerreiro himself was like, from my point of view, the brazilian Jim Morrison back in the days…so imagine my face, I was in total heaven! I did two shootings, one for the main brand Guerreiro and another for their younger difusion line AG. During the shooting who took place on a sunday here in Sao Paulo at Valerio Trabanco‘s studio, I shoot with Rico Mansur, the well know brazilian polo player. I laughed and talked as much as I normally do…(those who have worked with me in the past know that I can’t keep my mouth shout for too long) but it was all because I was ultra excited to be able to play and choose the garments for the shooting while I had my nails done more than 4 times, each of them painted with  the new Chanel nail-polish(and i’m a total freak when it comes down to nails). The campaign is all over the pages of Vogue, Elle and other magazines in Brasil and also available in St.Tropez too. I wanted to make a special mention to Carmen ho was  amazing during the whole process and the Guerreiro sisters who totally rock and do an incredible work!

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