“Gala Gonzalez of Inside Am-Lul’s Closet, just get it right: highly personal, effortless style documented regularly, broken up with enough other content to keep readers coming back for more. A twenty-something Spanish stylist and creative director based in London, Gonzalez lives and breathes what she posts about daily, and it comes across on her site. Created with the goal to “display, share and learn,” her daily musings and photos have catapulted her to the forefront of the bloggerati, sitting next to Gwyneth at fashion shows, hosting huge product launches in Madrid and even designing her own clothing line. Aside from her tastemaking talent, the genuine enjoyment Gonzalez seems to get out of what she does goes a long way in setting her apart from her too-cool-for-fashion-school peers”

“The 24-year-old documents her eclectic eye and madcap approach to dressing on Amlul.com. It’s success is a dream come true for a girl who enjoys fashion above anything.”
Vogue UK (2010)

“Gala owns an indefinable je ne sais quois that can turn a brown sack into the chicest, most effortless bit of cool with the flick of her glossy brown mane. It’s this very ability that has made Gala the darling of the fashion circles that are generally above and beyond your average style-diarists. It also helps that she is warm, hardworking, and matter-of-fact about the fashion circus and her fabulous high life.”
The Vine (Australia 2010)

“If we didn’t know better, we’d guess that 22-year-old Gala Gonzalez was just another Model-Off-Duty frolicking through the fashionable streets of London. With her madcap style and picture-perfect features, this Spanish beauty is a sure-fire stylesetter in the making –and giving some of the chic citezens featured on the Sartorialist a serious run for their money.”
Teen Vogue (2008)