Are we ready?

23 June 17

In June, alarms sound off to warn us that the best is yet to come, but, are we ready?

Some more than others, I’m sure about that ;) but we’re still on time. Our body and our hair are always the best allies. Of course, we have to take care of them.

In summer, everyone wants to do what they enjoy most. Traveling, reading without haste, swimming or taking naps on a hammock, are small pleasures that no one gives up during their vacation, an intangible that is priceless.

But before traveling with our mind, we must get down to work, because although we know that we must take care of our bodies during the whole year, it is something that trickles through our fingers. Our body has to be perfect in a bathing suit or bikini and our hair has to be ready to be exposed to the sun, which is becoming more dangerous.

I’ve been a few summers experiencing that if you start pampering your hair before the summer sun, the damage will be less. Don´t be lazy! To make the hair not suffer, I begin to apply the one minute rescue ampoules of Pantene and the repair and protect mask in each shower. In a short time you’ll notice a stronger hair that is ready for any destination.

Both, the mask and the ampoules, nourish your hair from the root. In a minute you see that it picks up an incredible strength and shine, and polishes the hair from all kinds of damages; you are ready to go to the beach, or mountain. Have you already planned your summer? Anything will be a plan, this stage’s freedom is priceless to any other.


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