Elie Saab: my DJ set + exclusive video preview PFW

24 April 12

This is probably the only picture I have from Paris Fashion Week. I got to the city of love the same morning and only had time to run in my Theysken’s Theory around Tuleries in order to make it to Elie Saab’s show. At night and after a few arguments with the cabbie I finally made it to Elie’s house where he was hosting a private party to celebrate the show just for friends and family. And this is the main reason why there’s no pictures of the party but this one who was taken by spanish magazine SMODA fashion editor Noelia Collado. It was a truly honour to be asked to assist his party at his  beautiful house but even more of an honour to be asked to do a dj cameo too wearing an amazing (and even more amazingly short) dress previously worn by Eva Herzigova which made me realise why they are called “super models”…mind the comparisons! ha ha ha. Here is a video that will be released worldwide tomorrow but you can see it in EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW here on my blog  through the eyes of Rosario Dawson, Karlie Kloss and Rene Celestine. Big Thanks to Nathalie and all the Elie Saab team!

Esta es posiblemente la unica foto que poseo de una de las noches mas magicas de todo este año durante la Semana de la Moda de Paris. Aterrice en la ciudad del amor por la mañana temprano y sin apenas tiempo, me dispuse a atravesar el jardin de las Tullerias para llegar hasta al desfile de Elie Saab vestida de pies a cabeza en Theysken’s Theory. Por la noche llegamos a la esplendida casa de Elie, el cual me habia invitado a su fiesta privada (solo para amigos y familiares) donde pude hacer de las mias y lucirme como dj por unas horas. Alli estaba Noelia Collado de SMODA (que tomo esta foto). Yo llevaba un vestido de la firma que anteriormente se puso Eva Herzigova (ahora entiendo el porque se llaman “super” modelos…) ja ja ja ja. Mañana se lanza el video filmado y recopilado atraves de los ojos de Rosario Dawson, Karlie Kloss y Rene Celestine  del desfile de Elie Saab, pero  ya puedes disfrutar de el en exclusiva en mi blog. 

SMODA, Paris Fashion Week review by Delia Rodriguez

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