D is for Denim, F is for Factoria

08 November 08

 D is for Denim, F is for Factoria

Maribel Lopez and Claudia Olmeda are the owners
 of Denimfactoria and also they’ve sent me
one of their first jeans,the Bravo model.
They’ve sent a dark pair to Mireia as well.
Denimfactoria have created easy and
elegant jeans that are also fun and unique.
They’ve just started but they have already two
wonderful models,Bravo and Alpha.
In their own words:
“Denimfactoria is a brand born out of the frustration of
 two friends who could not find a fun and trendy pair of 
jeans that weren’t made by a massive retail chain and 
with questionable quality or really good jeans that 
were ridiculously expensive”
 If you are interested
they ship worldwide,just click HERE.
Maribel Lopez y Claudia Olmeda son las creadores
de la nueva marca de jeans Denimfactoria.
En sus propias palabras:
“Nuestro fin es crear pantalones elegantes y 
usables pero sobre todo divertidos y “únicos”, 
que puedan hacer la difícil transición del día 
a la noche y siguiendo las tendencias nuevas del denim.”
Me han mandado uno de sus dos pares de jeans 
que hay actualmente en el mercado,Bravo y Alpha.
A  Mireia le mandaron recientemente el mismo 
modelo Bravo(pero en oscuro).
 Se pueden comprar online haciendo click AQUI.

leather jacket-vintage
tee-Acne Jeans
scarf-Adolfo Dominguez
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