Countdown She Trains #JustDoIt

13 October 13
Less than a week away from running the San Francisco half marathon with Nike, I’m more motivated than ever! And even with this typical rainy english weather i’m out there pushing my limits embracing the #justdoit spirit! I cannot wait to share with all of you my race which you’ll be able to follow live on my Instagram and Twitter account next sunday, so tune up and keep up with my live training sessions on my official instagram account. Today for training I wore Nike Epic Run leggins in black with pegasus trainers and Nike shape swoosh top.

En menos de una semana podreis seguir en directo la media maraton de San Francisco que correre junto a Nike a traves de mi cuenta oficial de Instagram y Twitter. Como ya sabeis llevo varios meses preparandome para este momento y es la primera vez que me animo a superar mis limites y poner unos nuevos junto a Nike #JustDoIt. Llevo top shape swoosh, zapatillas pegasus (que son una pasada para correr largas distancias) y leggins Epic Run, todo de Nike.
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