30 November 17

After living 12 years in London, and even this city will be always in my heart, I felt the need to move on and discover new places. Following this idea, I moved to NYC in 2015. Since then, I do not get tired of enjoying its streets and nooks… I feel this city like one of my Muses.

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons along the year, it means I´m coming back home after FW craziness: time to change your wardrobe look and start living the city vibrant atmosphere. Nevertheless, this doesn´t mean to stop working hard and continue taking planes all the time!

This months decided to give us a brief truce, so we have enjoyed some beautiful sunny and high temperatures days. Nevertheless, I can imagine you are willing to start showing some cool winter clothes!

Before coming back to USA, I ´d like to take the opportunity to enjoy last sunny days on my mother land, Spain, which I never had enough. I take the chance to spend some time with my family & friends. Sometimes, between trips and work events, you could have some different ones, which reminds you the importance of what really matters in life, like a close Friend’s wedding.
A quick but amazing stop during my tight schedule. A special date where I laugh, ate some marvelous food, danced till late night and had the greatest time with my beloved ones.

As I said previously, coming back home doesn´t mean to stop working. Mostly of work trips are only for 1-2 days. For instance, few weeks ago for instance, traveled to LA for a Tory Burch Shooting.

Also, as most of you know, I also had the opportunity to taking over H&M IG official account, due their last collaboration with ERDEM Brand.

A magic night where we dreamt with its bucolic and poetic universe. I wore a chic tweed outfit: In this occasion, I bet for the balance between the mini skirt and the closed jacket.

As this type of travels doesn´t use to take more than 3 days, I always like to travel with hand luggage: I avoid queuing at the airport and I feel comfier. I always travel with a small vanity case with my basics, being one of them Mini Pantene Vials – 1 Minute Recovery.

They have the perfect size (you can find them on 3 x 15 ml packs), so the space is minimum! I put them on my endings or from the middle to tips if I feel it a bit dry.

One minute…and my hair revives again healthy and bright!

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