Aussie time!

05 July 10
I’m off to Australia in a few weeks.
I will be in Sydney during the whole month of august.
I would love to hear your recommendations about places I must visit, festivals or
events I can not miss during the following weeks.
I’m still searching for an apartment to share and I’d appreciate if anyone has some info about this.Please feel free to contact me (
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  • where in Australia are you planning to go?? I live in Brisbane but would recommend sydney and melbourne for city visits. Are you going to be settling down somewhere or just a holiday?

  • i Love Australia!Keep us upadated!

    Valentina from Fashion Trotter – 100% italian street style

  • also… if you are looking for rental apartments (long term) the best website for that is

  • If you’re visiting Sydney, Paddington is not to be missed for some local designer shopping!

  • qué es lo que te lleva tan lejos?

    I suggest Surry Hills, Bondi and Byron Bay if you’re in Sydney. But also check out the street art in Melbourne! It’s pretty amazing!

  • That’s amazing news! It’s Winter, so unfortunately not too many festivals occurring, but there’s always something :)

  • ahh how i want to go to australia

  • Come to Hobart!

  • wow. Australia :Dsorry no tips, but have a nice time :)

  • Wee! How exciting :) As an Australian myself, I’d recommend going to Splendour In The Grass if possible. It’s on July 30th, 31st and August 1st. Tickets have sold out but any chance you get to go, I say go – amazing lineup. I’m going to Parklife – which is in September, but I don’t think you’ll be here for that long – and tickets are still on sale for that. Gold Coast is an obvious place to go for the sun and beach, although now it’s winter here.. Cairns is beautiful, I recommend that also if you can. Melbourne! I’ve never been but I want to so badly, I hear it’s got the best shopping for vintage and thrift finds, and apparently the best coffee is in Melbourne. So Melbourne is a go-to place I say. Tasmania, if you can also go there, I’ve seen photos and people tell me it’s the most beautiful place, great scenery and quiet, almost rustic by the sounds of it – if you want to get away from the city life. Also Sydney, apparently hectic.. but good. Have a good trip! I hope you enjoy it here :) xx

  • There are some great markets called “The Village Markets” you can find them on Facebook with the appropriate address, there are some great vintage and boutique stalls.
    Have a great time! You will love it here :)

  • Welcome to australia! Where abouts are you basing yourself? Pack warm clothes, it is freezing here!

  • which state are you going to in Australia? It’s quite cold now! pack your jackets and scarfs :)

  • ¡qué suerte!
    Pásalo bien.
    (estaría bien que algún día contestases :_)

  • Where are you visiting?
    Our store is in Sydney, you must come see!
    shoot us an email.

    can give suggestions. xx

  • how long are you coming for? come to perth and chill with me, eep!!

  • have fun..

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  • Si tes un ratiño pásate polo meu blog que teño a vender unhas cantas pezas de bisutería vintage que creo qeu che poden gustar!

  • The best thing about Sydney is the city is so badly planned it’s almost impossible not to get lost. The best kind of day is to have absolutely no plan and find all sorts of cool places all over the city.

    But for a great day don’t pass on Glebe Markets They’re on every saturday on Glebe Point road and always have great stuff and a great atmosphere :)

  • As you pass by there great! That envy, I love to go to Australia hehe

  • That’s great, where abouts in Australia since you know this country is very spacious! haha

  • ur gonna love aussie. i lived there last year and it’s my home! paddington in sydney is probly the must shopping area. but make sure u can visit melbourne since it’s the best for shopping. and if u wanna experience the aussie hippie surf lifestyle go up to byron bay close to queensland borber. xx

  • have a nice tiime ;) and be careful with the snakes :P

  • hola! te he enviado el mail de una amiga que mñn se va a Australia,


  • I’m staying in Brisbane for the year and recently visited Sydney this past weekend. It was a short trip but definitely amazing.

    I’ve been documenting my trip here with Canucks Downunder.

    I absolutely loved Mamak restaurant, an Asian, Malaysian cuisine which boasts a delicious, freshly made Roti (done by the window) where there are line-ups to get in.

    Another must visit is the Paddington Market, located in Chinatown. So many great stalls of various goods for a good value price.

    And then you can always visit this website Sydney Things To Do.

    I hope you have a wonderful time. And feel free to hit me up anytime!


  • I lived there 4 years, just loved it. Down by darling harbor is a great place to relax but make sure to go to the blue mountains. Its really beautiful there

  • i just wish you a fantastic trip- hope its gonna be wicked- and that you bring us back lots of photos.

  • te va a encantar Australia!! yo voy todas las navidades, y alli hace calor, xq es verano, asi q es una gozada jejeje
    te recomiendo q vayas a Melbourne, sin duda es una de las majores ciudades de Australia. Su gente, la cultura, la belleza de la ciudad(q te va a dejar impresionada, las fiestas y sobre todo las tiendas….. Tienes una amplia variedad de tiendas vintage, ademas de tiendas con ropa siempre a la ultima….
    Sydnei no esta mal aunque en una ciudad cara sobre todo en el tema de alquiler y compra de piso, asi q si tienes oportunidad, yo personalmente me decantaria por Melbourne….
    Acerca de los festivales no te sabria decir cuales hay en estas fechas por hay, pero en enero febrero y marzo, tienes los mejores puesto q es verano…

    Maravillosa Australia es mi frase, cada vez q vuelvo!

    Solo desearte un buen viaje y espero q disfrutes de ese fantastico pais y seguro q no te va a dejar indiferente….


  • oooo you’re so lucky! australia! it’s my dream!!

  • Anonymous

    vete a ver a los strokes! han vuelto!! y tocan en melbournee!

  • Have fun and try to relax!
    Nice journey!

  • Qué suerte Australiaaaaaaaa!!!

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  • Anonymous

    im living in england at the moment but im australian-
    im from the sunny state’ brisbane-however sydney is also good-
    you should definitely go to melbourne, byron bay, and find sometime to drive up the coast – blue mountains are meant to be beautiful and stunning as well –
    as for places in syd im not the best – however, byron bayy is absolutely incredible, its like a hippy town on the beachh and the atmosphere makes it incredible-
    brisbane- shopping- the city, the valley, paddington
    brisbane- eating/coffee- james st (coffee and food)
    vietnamese: west end – ‘trang’
    japanese- sushi on adelaide st or sushimi on adelaide st in a little place called ‘oshin’
    umm- thai food – ‘my thai’ on haig road, milton
    or food in rosalie is always good-
    hope that helps but definitely get to byron- the best!! if you have a chance to go to ‘north stradbroke island’ off like the brisbane coast- then definitely go – its incrediblee as well – a little heaven-
    north queensland is obviously incredible as well, hayman islands and great barrier reef etc-all white sand clear waters, coral bays-
    can’t thinkk of much else on the top of my head-
    western australia is also increidble, south of perth th ebeaches are exquisite-
    any whom-
    hope oyu enjoyy your stay!!

  • In Sydney there are so many things to do…

    1. Glebe markets – on saturdays are a must see
    2. Chinatown – the food and shopping
    3. Harbour – go to the Opera bar and look at the beautiful city
    4. Fish markets – if you like seafood, get it fresh there
    5. Shopping in paddington and surrey hills is great

    I live in Melbourne and Melbourne is fantastic too – shopping is great as is coffee. Melbourne has fantastic nightlife. Sydney does too, but Melbourne has more live music and a more grunge atmosphere.

  • if ur in sydney, please head to crown st on surry hills! its a whole street of really nice cafes and excellent vintage shops + american apparel!
    this is so exciting! maybe i’ll see you around!!!!!

    chantelle =D

  • If you’re in Sydney, definitely go to Glebe Point Rd, preferably while Glebe Markets are on. While you’re there, I recommend a cute little second hand bookshop/cafe called Sappho. Also head to Surry Hills at some point, the clothing there is amazing. Oh and Newtown and Paddington are a must.
    If you’re in Melbourne, Gertrude St is amazing and if you’re willing to spend a lot of money, Chapel St too.

  • Anonymous

    These have to be the Best Places To eat/Party in SYDNEY:

    Tokyo In Surry Hills (amazing japanese food/delicious drinks)

    The Winery On Crown St in Surry Hills (Great Food ah ma zing wine selection)

    Gazebo In King Cross (similar to the winery but SMALLER AND MORE INTIMATE)

    Roys Tapas- Bondi Beach

    Through the grapevine wine bar Bondi Beach Campbell Parade (go here on a fri/sat night later the back turns into a little club called White revolver)

    Longgrain thai Surry Hills

    Rambutan on Oxford Street In darlinghurst

    Phamish Vietnamese- Crown St Darlinghurst.

    The Corner House Italian Bondi Rd Bondi

    TO PARTY/drink:

    Dr Pongs- Burton St Darlinghurst

    Shady Pines Saloon- (fresh apple juice and Vodka SO GOOD)Off Crown St Surry Hills Behind American apparel Store.

    Oxford Art Factory- Oxford st darlinghust, usually good bands

    Piano Room King Cross (fri/sat night)

    Kit & Kaboodle, King Cross

    Beach Rd Hotel- Bondi Beach

    Warf Bar- Manly


    Hugos Pizza/Bar upstairs- Bayswater Rd King Cross

    Hope thats usefull these are local spots that people around the Eastern Suburbs party/eat at.

    Bec & Bridge Blog

  • That’s so exciting!! I live in Sydney, and there’s so much to do – it’s probably best to make your own adventure of it. But Paddington has awesome shopping, Bondi has great cafes and restaurants, and Surry Hills has amazing vintage and nightlife. Hope to spot you around the city :)

  • wooo yay ausssieeee

  • Come to the blue mountins. You should have a mett up day with all us aussies-Id love to go shopping with you. =]

  • hope you have fun in Australia when you come. It is a beautiful country indeed. make sure you check out the markets in sydney. great vintage finds i’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss out on. xx

  • You will love Sydney! You have to visit Bondi beach. Some great cafes down there and markets every sunday. Glebe markets and paddington markets are also alot of fun, they are on every saturday.

    Paddington and surry hills have some amazing boutiques, alot of aussie deigners, aswell as some great bars and restaurants

    the department store David Jones in the city also houses alot of australian upcoming and old designers.

    As for festivals splendour in the grass up in QLD is definatly a must if you can get tickets

    Also a great trip is catching the ferry from circular quay to manly!!

  • oh youre lucky.
    i want to be there too (:
    love your blog!

    check out my blog if you have time.
    its all about FASHION and girl stuff.

    sarah from

  • Anonymous

    i’m a music fiend and you need to see art vs science, they’re absolutely awesome. two door cinema club and LCD soundsystem are also playing. also visit balmain, idk why but i love that place :)

  • Always wanted to go to Australia, In my top 5.

  • Have a great time!!
    I really like your blog so I start following you!

  • Is incredible Australia? I think that yes, you will be there very well!.
    kisses from

  • Rebecca..

    Hi Gala – We should have a meet and greet with all the Sydney readers!

  • Hey Gala,
    WOW!! How amazing im from Sydney Australia and you will love it here!! Ok where to start:

    Best Beach and café hot spot: Bondi Beach.
    Site seeing: Opera house and Harbour Bridge in Circular Quay.
    Best Shopping: QVB (and all around that area) Bondi West fields.
    Best Markets: Bondi Markets, Paddington Markets, Kirribilli Markets.
    Festivals: check out this site for info:

    Im so excited I hope to meet you when you’re here!! Don’t worry im not a crazy person but im a designer based in Sydney might even get you in for a shoot  lol hope this info HELPS XOX


  • Mi cunada esta viviendo alli, estudiando, le voy a preguntar se sabe de algo interesante, en todo caso que te lo pases genial, es un gran pais, lo que si esta haciendo mucho frio, asi que lleva ropa de abrigo con mucho estilo!

  • Anonymous

    stay in bondi! north bondi hill is the place to hang out, beers on the hill and breakfast at the little cafe’s!

  • safe travels love
    take care
    many well wishes sent your way!

  • Wanna go there sooo much ! But it will be after my year in Vancouver ;)

  • i live in the blue mountains and would be happy to put you up for a few nights if you decide to visit here, we’re about 2 hours from Sydney and it’s so beautiful here! we also have very good boutique shopping :)
    would you like my email to discuss the posibility of you coming to the blue mountains?
    xo adele

  • wow you will love sydney! No big churches like Barcelona but good times eating and drinking. I hope you love it.

  • sharissa

    This site is great for things to see/shop/eat in Sydney:

    and for Melbourne,

  • Stephanie

    Make sure you go to Oxford street, paddington and check out heaps of the vintages stores in newtown

  • Anonymous

    Hey Gala,

    You must make sure to come to Melbourne for at least three days. You must visit Chapel St, Bourke St and Brunswick St for shopping. Visit 161, Fog and Motel for clubs and restaurants we have plenty of amazing places to offer!!

    Sydney is beautiful, you must go to Bondi for the beach and restaurants and the market stalls. Paddington is great too for shopping and a market that happens every Saturday!

    Amazing blog! I follow it everyday (and Katelovesme)!

    If you make your way to Melbourne or need help with anything, send me an email!


  • If possible – definitely make a trip to Melbourne at the same time. Sydney is great for shopping – particularly for it’s one off boutiques and the paddington markets – but Melbourne is equally as good!


  • You must visit Melbourne while you’re all the way over here!! It’s great for art, fashion, music and it’s coffee. It’s famous for it’s laneways and backalleys filled with new and exciting boutiques and thrift stores. You should make a stop buy Alice Euphemia, it’s a Melbourne must. See here:

    Looking forward to your Australian posts.

  • Anonymous

    If you’re up for it, walk from the city to paddington via crown street in surry hills (walking the length of oxford street), but you’ll have to wear flats!

  • single origin coffee on resevoir street in sydney for the best coffee pretty much ever

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