All I want for Christmas is…You + 21st dec

21 December 11
Every christmas I share what i’d love to get if I could.. Well, the truth is that at the moment. there;s a lot of speculation towards if it could be our very last Christmas. For some, today 21st dec 2011 will start the count down for the so called End of the World, predicted by the calendar Maya, but dont be naive, I don’t particularly like or feel the need to call it that way. The truth  is, that the date is approaching and something it’s gonna happen for sure. When I say something, I mean something MAJOR. I don’t wan’t to create polemic about the whole, already talked, topic but has been on my head for such long time that reaching the day of today in our calendar, made me feel the needed to share for the first time with you guys (my mates are already bored of my talking about this), that we should all be AWARE.  Everyone should do what their guts, heart and head will tell them to do and respect the other’s decisions to live this time and “the time” that is left as we please.. Enjoy and be thankful for probably the last 365 days on earth as we know it. Back to the present Christmas, as you know every year I create a wish list on my mind with the pieces of desire that I’ve been craving for the past six months and later on I pick my favourite item to share it here with my readers. Last year it was the Proenza Schouler bag but this time I’ve returned to opt for an emblematic Prada Saffiano Lux bag which seems so practical that I should start saving the pennies right now, cos I can see myself wearing this beauty for ages! What will you be asking Santa this year?? 
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