Acid Garden in NYC

26 April 12
Jetting off to Barcelona for an amazing few days ahead… Seems all I’ve been doing lately is live in front of a camera, and in a few hours I will be reunited with my girls for another amazing event… Meanwhile here are some great pictures taken a month ago by my gorgeous Ginger (a.k.a Miranda) while we  were enjoying the time of our lives… Fancy cocktails, bright sun kissing our pale skin, bare legs all day long, tons of french fries and cameras filming us 24/7… all of this in New York City! (see my diaries here) And in one of those splendid days, in our 70sq meter roof top on our Hotel on Rivington, we decided to have fun with her latest collection Acid Green... You can’t get enough of it either right? So quick! click on “read more” and watch the video + images now!!

All my clothes are from Acid Green  by Miranda Makaroff. Glasses are Reiss 1971.  And Birthday cake courtesy of my friends :)
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