30 May 17

When working, travelling is the least of my worries. And that´s what i´ve done this month, working a lot, and travelling too.

Who does not like to discover new cities, or be tested in every challenge?

Life is meant to be enjoy it, and for that, it needs to nothing frightens you. Sometimes fear is just the problem.

In my personal agenda I often find a surprises like; Trip to Miami, shooting in Lisbon, a brand immersion in Ampurdán or fashion film in Milan. With a short reaction time you have to be Ready To Go!

A thousan trips in April! Miami, Lisboa, Ampurdán, Milán and others i sure forget. Bikinis, swimsuit, sweater…

The worst about fly all over diferent places, is definitely the suitcase, but I’ve got it under control. Always combinable garments and neutral colors.

If i forget anything, all cities are full of shops, isn´t it?

The water of cities are differents, changes as languages do. For that reason, i have to maintain my hair customs and i cant never forget my conditioner of Pantene.

Miami, sun and beach; Lisbon, magic humidity; Ampurdán, spring of a story and in Milan anything – always fun – can happen. These fantastic cities have treated me amaizing. Thanks so much!

Traveling is the only expenditure that makes you richer.

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